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    If you’re looking for something different—and spectacular—for your wedding day, you’ve come to the right place. I offer chic, elegant bridal fashion with a twist: my wedding dresses are short and /or detachable skirts.

    Extraordinary dresses for extraordinary women. YOUR own style is what matters the most! You’re most likely here because you
    aren’t a typical bride looking for a typical dress. Short wedding dresses can be both classy and trendsetting and I want you to find a wedding dress that will bring out the best in you.

    My vision is to make the newly engaged (you) the most talked about bride in town. Imagine after searching for something different, (no, no traditional or typical dress for you) and you finally find your perfect wedding dress (of all places online) now just imagine, stepping into that dress on your wedding day, your heart filled with happiness because you look and feel fabulous,glamorous & chic and you know it will  make your partner’s heart melt when they see you for the first time that day.  THAT feeling is what i want for you.

    Do you love elegant and luxurious things,but not at the luxury price? Is your style Chic, modern and glam ?Do you intend to spend the  night dancing & want your wedding to be fun with lively happy guests? Great, because you’re in the right place.

    While many brides opt for the traditional route, with a long, poufy flowing dress, my designs appeal to the elegant, chic, non traditional & modern bride who wants something truly unique for her special day.

    When I got married, I wanted something different, but couldn't find a red wedding dress. In the end, I had my bridesmaids wear red and I opted for a pink top and white skirt.


    While searching for my dress, I couldn't find anything that wasn’t overly traditional, but I discovered and fell in love with bridal fashion. In the last few years, some of my friends have had the same problem: they wanted something non-traditional, something different, and as wedding planning can be quite time consuming they wanted a place to browse wedding dresses, from the comfort and convenience of the sofa, without having to battle traffic, bad weather and pushy and or rude sales staff.

    That’s when I decided to create this store to cater to discerning brides with singular style.I offer a selection of elegant, chic wedding dresses that are also timeless,so that you can walk down the aisle feeling and looking your best on your big day.

     I do love a glass of red wine but drink almost equal amounts of tea. Dessert is my favourite part of any meal. I can eat breakfast all day. My favourite character in Game of thrones is Daenerys Targaryen followed closely by Arya Stark. I laugh a lot, I am officially the shortest member of my family ( at 12 my daughter’s taller than me, in this pic she's jumped on my back, she's not really a head taller than me) and i like all things pretty, and have been known to ramble on when telling a story to the point that the others have forgotten the point.

    At my wedding one of my bridesmaids stuffed her bosom with tissues (at which time, i shook my head) BUT i was so overwhelmed when i first saw how handsome my husband looked ,i started crying( bawling) and managed to use up all her “bosoms” to wipe my tears. Tip-Be sure to use the waterproof mascara even if you don’t think you’ll need it, cause i sure though i wouldn’t.

    If you love elegant and luxurious things,but not at the luxury price. have a Chic glam and modern style. Intend to spend the  night dancing & want your wedding to be fun and have your guests really be lively,happy and enjoy  themselves,have a  love of flowers & always want to bring the outdoors in because of your love of flowers,then you’re in the right place.

    I have the right dress to suit your body type, and accentuate your gracefulness, elegance and beauty. Moreover, you’ll find it’s much easier to move around in a short wedding dress, simply because there’s less dress to carry around.( makes it easier for all that dancing you’re going to enjoy doing)  

    I know how scary it can be to buy something online,but rest assured all of my pics are the real and if you want to learn about how to buy a SWD (short wedding dress) online or any wedding dress for that matter without being scammed, download my free guide here

    At Sophia V, beauty runs deeper than our dresses .I especially love working with non-profit organizations and happily donate a portion of every sale towards the charity Lango Orphans Scholarship Trust, which raises money in order to educate Ugandan orphans.


    My Mission

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