Why you should wear a Convertible Wedding Dress on your wedding day

Although the convertible wedding dress isn’t a newcomer to the catwalk by any means,
more designers are turning to this style when creating their spring and autumn collections.

It’s no secret that two-piece wedding dresses are one of the latest wedding trends. It seems like more and more brides are now opting for this flexible wedding dress style for their special day and I'm not surprised.

But if you’re new to the idea, then you’ll need to know why they have become so popular. If you think this style might even be the one for you, then read on to find out more about what they offer and whether you should commit.

The big deal about the two-piece wedding dress is that it can be worn in more than one way. This makes it perfect for a wedding. In the ceremony you can be covered with a long skirt. Then in the evening, with just a quick zip or unzip,you can wear a dress that is just below the knee to make it easy to do the rounds of socialising and to dance with your sweetheart who is now your new husband.

Your bridal look is changed at the drop of a hat, but you haven’t had to make a 
financial investment in two dresses. All you’ve done is slipped on the long skirt over the top of the shorter skirt, so that you can invigorate and refresh your look and continue into the evening hours.

Planning for multiple outfits and the necessary changing on your wedding day is no longer essential. You will be able to hook up your hem and get more comfortable. Then you’ll be able to enjoy free movement and dance the night away at the party. You won’t have to be concerned about people standing on your dress, and you’ll still look the part of the beautiful bride.

Buying the two-part or convertible wedding dress that converts to a shorter skirt also means that you can wear it for other occasions. Although some people prefer to keep their dress as a memoir of their wedding day only, others like to get their money’s worth and with this dress, that’s entirely possible.

If you’re considering whether this wedding dress is right for you, here’s what you can expect in terms of benefits:

Stick to your budget. With a second dress becoming a ‘must have’ for many brides,
purchasing two gowns can come with a doubled up price tag and that can be hard to justify.

Budget conscious brides should consider the convertible wedding dress that can play a two-part role on the big day. For walking down the aisle and getting down on the floor!

Be dance party ready. My two-piece wedding dress converts neatly into a tea length
wedding dress. Brings vintage sophistication into your evening dance party wearing a classy dress with a swirling skirt of organza that can quickly convert to become a flirty hem just by removing the longer skirt that is worn on the top.convertible,two piece wedding dress, removable skirt wedding dress

Perfect for casual wedding venues. Another way that you might want to use the convertible wedding dress is as a beach wedding dress. It’s easy to lift the hem away from sand and waves lapping on the shoreline so that you can keep it fresh for later.

Decide on the day. With a dress like this, you don’t even have to commit to one particular style of dress until the same day that you’ll be waking towards the altar or other marriage symbol. You may decide to wear it short or long on the day - it truly is that flexible and adjustable.

So there we have it. This two-piece wedding dress, sometimes known as a convertible
wedding dress, or detachable skirt wedding dress has proved to be very popular with customers who are looking for something just above the knee. If the dress is preferred in its longer state, then it takes just a simple zip to allow the skirt to fall into place.

For more details about this gorgeous convertible wedding dress go here. You may also want to browse other styles.