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    7 Reasons Why We Love Tea Length Wedding Dresses

    7 Reasons Why We Love Tea Length Wedding Dresses (and you should too!):

    We love it when runway style meets wedding style- and that's precisely what's happening right now with the tea length wedding dress.

    As casual wear hemlines move south, wedding dress hemlines are moving north to meet them.  The result?  Tea length wedding dresses, the perfect combination of style, sophistication and your very own unique wedding perfection.

    But following fashion trends isn't the only reason to love these shorter wedding dresses.  Keira Knightley might be sporting tea length skirts and she's famous for her short wedding dress, but copying celebrities is just one of the reasons to favor a wedding dress whose hemline sits above the ankle but below the knee.

    Here are 7 reasons why we love tea length wedding dresses (and you should too!):

  • #1.  They show off your wedding shoes.

  • Shoe aficionados, you'll love the way a tea-length hemline showcases your wedding shoes.  In fact, the short wedding dress almost requires a stunning pair of problem, right?

    Just one thing however: don't even think about wearing flats with your tea length wedding dress!  Nothing makes your legs look worse than a below-the-knee hemline worn with flats.

  • #2.  They're wonderfully unfussy.

  • If the princess look isn't your style and you want something more grown-up, then tea length might be for you.  And don't misunderstand "unfussy"... tea length can be dressed up or down, done with any material from tulle to linen.

  • #3.  They let you dance the night away, unencumbered.

  • The traditional floor-length wedding gown makes for a stunning picture while you're walking down the aisle, but on the dance floor it can be a real pain.  Some brides loop the train of the dress over their wrists while they dance while others simply let the hemline drag in the dust.

    A tea length gown lets you move around the reception and dance all night, unfettered by a dragging hemline.

  • #4.  They're refreshingly non-traditional.

  • Every bride wants to add her unique personality to the wedding ceremony.  Why not let your wedding dress speak for your originality with its non-traditional length?  For brides who really want to stand out and show their unique style and let the world know theirs isn't an ordinary wedding, the tea-length wedding dress is perfectly unexpected and totally suitable.

  • #5.  They're perfect for beach weddings.

  • Planning a destination beach wedding?  Nothing says casual beach-ey coastal style like a tea-length wedding dress.  This is the only occasion where you can break our rule about wearing high heels.  That's just not going to happen on the beach!

  • #6.  They're oh-so retro cool and stylish.

  • Tea-length dresses were the height of style in the "Dior" era of the 1950s and into the early Mad Men era of the 1960s.  Today, tea length can signify that same cool, sophisticated aura of elegance and charm embodied by fashion coming out of Paris in the 1950s and beyond.

  • #7.  They won't overwhelm shorter brides.

  • Unless you're a svelte 5' 6" or more, a long wedding dress can take over your look if you're not careful.  Shorter brides especially tend to "get lost" in long, ball gown style wedding dresses but that doesn't happen with the shorter hemline of a tea length wedding dress.

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