5 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Theme

5 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Theme

5 Tips for choosing your wedding theme

You just got engaged? Congratulations! One of the first things on your to-do list is probably to think of a theme. Having a wedding theme can help you sort out all of the concepts that you want to bring together on your big day. A wedding theme can make sure that all of your personal touches are a part of your wedding and that you create the perfect mood for your loved ones that really showcases the love that you and your spouse share. 

Choosing your wedding theme can be the first start in your wedding planning process. You can’t decide on the flowers, the colours, or much else for that matter until you have an idea of what you want your wedding to feel and look like. Here are a few tips to figuring out your wedding theme: 

  1. Find what truly feels like your style

Your wedding should encompass the love that you and your spouse have for each other. It should represent, how you found one another, and your story of growing together. It should symbolize who you are when you are with each other and show how much love you share. Sit down with your spouse to-be and come up with ideas of things that truly fit with your life.


  1. Choose your spot

Would you like to get married on a beach? In a church? In the deep woods at a State Park? All of these venues have a different effect on the theme that you might choose for your wedding. Whatever spot you choose, think about why you chose it and build on that. It is already a representation of how you and your partner feel, so make sure it encompasses both of your personalities as well.


  1. Think of your golden years

When choosing your wedding theme, it is sometimes common to dive right into whatever is popular at the moment. While trends are lovely and a beautiful idea for a wedding, consider what you might think of this theme when you are 60 years old. Think of the pictures that you will get and the memories that this theme might bring. Was it truly you or just the popular trend at that moment.


  1. Talk to family and friends

Don’t be afraid to consult with others. Often times you might feel yourself getting stuck and need the assistance of your close relatives to open your mind to all of the possibilities. A theme can be anything from Harry Potter to simple red and black. Having others assist you along the way is a great way to gather ideas.


  1. Use Pinterest

Finally, use the internet and all of its glorious resources to your full potential. Pinterest is a big hit at the moment, so I would suggest making a board just for your wedding and pin, pin, pin. Everything that you like should go on this board to give you inspiration for a theme, ideas for what’s to come, and motivation to get this planning process done.

Have fun choosing your wedding theme, and gathering all of those wonderful ideas for your wedding. Need some more Ideas? Follow my Mood board over on Pinterest,just click on the pic below

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