Alternatives to traditional wedding cake

5 Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Cake

You’ve dreamed about your wedding day since you were young and so when you plan that perfect day you want everything to be just right. From the flowers and color scheme, to the place settings and DJ, you want all the little details to be magical.


The choice of a wedding cake is one of the main details to perfecting your day. While traditional wedding cake will never go out of style, maybe it doesn’t quite fit with your personality? Then you’ve come to the right place. so let's break some rules

 Here are five alternatives to the traditional wedding cake. 

Brownie Wedding Cake

Just looking at this picture makes me hungry! I don’t know many people who would refuse a brownie, so I’m certain this cake would be a hit with your wedding partygoers.

Brownie cake from

Donut Hole Cake

I love the simplicity of the idea of a skewer of donut holes. Your guests would each get their own little mini-buffet of donut hole flavors. Who wouldn’t like that?


Donut holes


Wedding Cake-Pop Cake

The cake pop has become a hit and is here to stay. Friends and family would love to have this tiny bite of goodness.



Wedding Cupcake Cake

The cupcake cake is much like the traditional wedding cake; only it can be much more individualized. At your cake testing, did you like too many of the flavors to choose from? Why not choose them all? Cupcakes give you the option of a variety of flavors.



Wedding Pie

When you dream of the perfect dessert, do you dream of your grandmother’s apple pie? Why not substitute a wedding cake for a wedding pie? You could go with a tiered pie rack and several different flavors of pie, or you could go with a “Scottish Wedding Cake” which consists of many tiny pies for your guests.


This is just a sampling of the many ideas you could use to individualize your wedding cake. This day is about you and your spouse, it should be exactly how you've dreamed it to be.