How to find the perfect wedding dress for your body shape

            How to find the perfect wedding dress for your body shape
 Your body is just as unique as you want your dress to be.

If your curves are to be celebrated in style, you’ve got to know the dress to do it best. If your slender frame is to be elegantly, well, framed, you’ve got to know the dress to do it best. And if you want your photos to knock your own garter off, you’ve got to know the dress to do it best.

You’re only going to do this wedding thing once, so the phrase ‘choose wisely’ never meant so much (apart from when you said yes). All you need to do to get started is find your body type - and then go shopping!


Pear shaped

If your mother gave you good hips, then you need a wedding dress that’s all about accentuating your waist. You want a skirt that starts flowing outwards from your narrowest point, away from your hips and thighs. Avoid clingy fabrics and consider a V neckline to highlight your upper body slenderness. A length that stops a little below the knee will show off your shape perfectly.


                                          Convertible Two piece dress

Straight up and down

You’ll want to find a wedding dress that gives the appearances of a few soft curves. A voluminous skirt (think ballgown, underlayers, netting) that finishes below the knee is just right for your body type as it adds the shape effortlessly. Clingy materials can work well if the cut is on the bias and the seams are curved.


Blessed in the chest department 

Blessed in the chest sweetheart neckline

Lucky you. You’ll need to think mainly about your neckline and whether you want to stay modest or reveal a little cleavage. Scooped necklines are good for either of these. If straps aren’t your style, a sweetheart can work wonders as a strapless option. Try to stay away from necklines that go straight across the chest, though, unless that’s the only place you want people to look…! A length just above or just below the knee would look striking with a more ample bosom.


Not so blessed in the chest department

This is where ruching makes magic happen. A bodice with ruched fabric (which basically means gathered or layered) will add some curves up top. Any length of dress will work with your body shape, but shorter ones (above the knee) look particularly dazzling.


Plus sized

Tighter and stiffer fabrics will streamline your body without hiding your curves. Straps, dipped necklines and asymmetrical styles often look the most flattering. If opting for a skirt, an empire waistline (which is curved rather than straight) is an A+; the skirt begins just underneath the bust rather than at the waist which has a lengthening effect.



Make the most of your elegant frame with a simple, skin sweeping gown. Lightweight and delicate fabrics with a flowy feel that finish between the knees and ankles are on point for your body type. Strapless styles with drooping necklines look especially striking. If you’re going to tower above others, do it in style.



High waist gowns are your best friend. These will help elongate everything that comes below. Avoid skirts with lots of volume and pick short or long length - nothing in between. If you fancy a short dress, try an asymetrical style for extra wow factor

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